An Astraseal employee working ethically

As any Astraseal approved partner will tell you, we are well experienced with meeting the demands and expectations of architects and project managers operating in the commercial sector. The commercial projects we work on can range anywhere from £50k – £500k, but with an in-house 110,000 sq ft factory and a fleet of 80 strong vehicles, we pride ourselves on being able to rise to this challenge.

To achieve this, we work with only the most reliable installers and tradesmen to share this experience with thanks to our prestigious commercial supply partnership, which has allowed us ramp up and expand our activities in this market sector. Our approved installers are committed to quality, great customer service, and have a proven record of completing complex project targets on time and on budget.

Working with installers that like to rise to a challenge

All our commercial installers are familiar with fitting products engineered from a myriad of uPVC and aluminium systems, often for the application into retail, leisure, and new-build structures. Some of the most popular systems we supply include: REHAU, Smarts, and Reynaers, all of which we have great relationships with to better fulfil project needs of any scale and size.

We only want to work with those who feel comfortable and confident working with the conditions above as well as being able to comply with all the required building and health and safety regulations, so when choosing Astraseal for your commercial project you know it’s in safe hands. We provide approved installers with commercial leads, undertaking the preparation and organisational work ourselves, letting them easily complete the tender, and submit it to you – the client.

For more information regarding our commercial supply services don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our sales and marketing manager Zac Nedimovic can answer any questions you might have and provide further details.