Commercial Building Fire Safety

Astraseal Commercial knows how important it is to supply products that easily surpass the many regulatory requirements needed for small and large-scale projects. That’s why when working with any architect or contractor, we only supply uPVC and Aluminium products that meet them.

In more recent years, fire safety regulations in particular have become some of the most stringent. However, a certain subset of windows and doors in our range have been specifically designed in accordance with the following legislation:

Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005

2005’s Fire Safety order revised 2001’s Regulatory Reform Act 2001. It states that any person in control over premises (commercial or otherwise) must take reasonable steps to prevent the risk of fire in the building. Common steps towards reaching those goal include: providing sufficient means of escape, removing asbestos, and the implementation of fire-rated windows and doors.

Astraseal is a FIRAS accredited installer, thereby assuring all our present and future commercial partners that we operate in accordance with fire protection processes.

BS476 parts 20 & 22 (Building Regulations)

The primary methods for determining the fire resistance capabilities of construction elements, parts 20 & 22 of BS476 cover doors, glazed screens, and partitions. Once these fire precautions have been carried out, products are deemed suitable for use in both commercial and domestic applications.